How to remove wrinkles from backdrops?

As tapestries may be folded or rolled in transit, a mild crease or curl may be present. These are usually resolved when you lay out the tapestry or when you hang it.

To remove wrinkles or creases, iron the back of the tapestry first. This will remove most of the wrinkles. Steamer is most quick, easy and cheap tool and will make your backdrops look amazing in just minutes.
If you still need to iron the front, place a thin cloth between the
fabric and the iron to avoid scorching the fibers.

How do I hang my fabric backdrop?

Our fabric backdrop is lightweight (medium size is 0.9 lbs) and can be hung on a flat surface like a wall using just tape, command stripes or tacks.
For professional look, you can also purchase a backdrop stand with clamps. 

You can shop the affordable backdrop stand on the website below and use coupon code : blushingdrops for 10% off!